Initial Dental Cleaning

A full-mouth cleaning including hand-scaling, ultrasonic scaling and/or prophy-jet finishing (optional), polishing, flossing, and fluoride treatment (also optional). One-on-one time with one of our dental hygienist to ask your questions and get some answers.

Initial Overall Exam

Personal time with the dentist to get familiar and get dentally wise. X-rays (where prescribed) and a full mouth exam from the dentist. A chance to ask your questions and make a plan for long-term health.

Oral Health Maintenance

Dental scaling (cleaning) keeps the calculus build-up at a minimum. See our hygienist every 3, 6, 9, or 12 months depending on your needs. Complimentary polishing after each scaling.

Oral Health Maintenance
Re-Care Exam

Ongoing dental scaling (cleaning), polishing, fluoride treatments (optional). On 6, 9, or 12 month cycles depending on your hard tissue needs. This includes a cavity check with possible bitewing x-rays (where prescribed) to see between your back molars. Options of oral cancer screenings are now available.

A complimentary goodie bag filled with dental delights, and a trip to the treasure chest for kids (and all those young at heart)…

Dental Filling

When tooth cavities are brewing below the surface, Dr. Lansdell gently cleans them out. And don’t worry; you’re numb for this part! In their place a tooth-coloured composite-resin material is nestled in. You can bite and chew on it as soon as you like. Et voila! Your tooth is restored to full function!


When your tooth needs that extra bit of stability and support, crowns are a great long-term option. In only 2 appointments, your tooth can be prepared and the final crown cemented. Most of our patients opt for zirconium or porcelain crowns, but other materials are available to you, such as gold, metal, & porcelain fused to metal.

Improve Your Lifestyle

Get friendly oral health Instruction and Dietary Tips from our knowledgeable dental hygienist.

Changing Habits

Talk to our staff members about developing good oral hygiene habits and/or healthier diets for your entire family. Tips on getting the kids on board.