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The Biggest Little Dog Working In Canine Security Today

By Dr. Mark Lansdell

It’s not all seriousness at Gordon Street Dental. We like to enjoy ourselves – and amuse our patients – while we are at work enhancing oral health and creating beautiful smiles. And it’s also a great way to help people unwind and relax while visiting their Guelph dentist.

When getting to know new people, I like to share a little about myself to help break the ice a little. I find it helps to know your dentist is a little softy at heart when it comes to his faithful companion. If you’ve read my bio on the About Us page, you’ll have learned about my trusty side-kick Rambo, the biggest little security dog out there. Weighing in at an incredible 4 lbs, 4 oz, Rambo more than makes up for his size with enthusiasm.

Rambo was born on July 4th, 2012 and we picked him up in September of the same year. For my daughter it was love at first site. The only boy in a roomful of girls, I felt an instant connection to the little guy – and he’s been a treat to have in our lives these last 6 years. A little Morkie, Rambo has all of the great qualities that come from both the Maltese dogs and Yorkshire Terriers from which his breed is descended. He’s incredibly active, but still has time to be loving and attentive.

Like me, in his spare time Rambo likes to watch movies! He actually does – sitting up the entire time! He’s not as much of an armchair scout coach for the Leafs as I am, but he’s always up for a play in the yard when I’m landscaping or performing security patrols while I’m script writing. And when we’re both in the mood for chariot racing, the sky is the limit for fun!


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